Providing children and their caregivers with the resources and support they need.

What is KinCare?

KinCare is a specialized service that provides kinship caregivers with the resources and support they need to provide a safe, loving home when children are removed from their parents. This partnership between LFS and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services supports kinship care families.

Kinship care is the care of children by relatives, close family members, or in some cases, an adult who has a relationship or bond with a child. Children may need to live with a caregiver for many reasons. Kinship care keeps children from having to enter a complicated court system, helps to preserve parental rights, and puts children in the care of people they know and trust while supporting family preservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The KinCare program is open to all informal families that are not wards of the state in Dodge and Lancaster Counties.

  • Lutheran Family Services is committed to providing kinship caregivers with the resources they need, both online and off.

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