Stewardship of Public Trust

Lutheran Family Services (LFS), a 501(c)(3) organization, takes the stewardship of public trust very seriously. LFS is committed to upholding your trust through our commitment to the community to operate in an efficient and ethical manner. We adhere to a system of checks and balances, and are accountable through careful review by the board of directors, finance committee and auditors.


Consolidated Audits


IRS Forms



Internal Checks and Balances

Conflicts of Interest
LFS board members and key employees sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form disclosing any current or future potential conflicts of interests.


Ethical Conduct
Lutheran Family Services, Inc (LFS) is committed to promoting and maintaining an ethical and moral atmosphere pursuant to the LFS Values and Mission Statements. A high standard of ethical, moral and professional conduct is the responsibility of all board members, employees, students, volunteers and contracting professionals. The value and reputation of LFS is dependent upon providing quality services and transparent business conduct. Unethical actions, fraudulent behavior, or the appearance of unethical actions or fraudulent behavior are not acceptable.

LFS employees, students, volunteers and contracting professionals will know and follow the Code of Ethics of their profession and will comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies and accreditation standards.


Background Checks
Background checks are completed for all paid and volunteer applicants to ensure provider standards are met. This practice helps ensure the safety and confidentiality of all those we serve.