Building families by finding forever homes.

Why Lutheran Family Adoption Services?

LFS was founded as an orphanage in 1892 and has served children ever since. Adoption has gone through many changes over the years, and we have been there to help families navigate them all.


If you are inquiring about placing your child for adoption, please call (402) 661-7100 for pregnancy counseling.

Infant Adoption

Connecting pregnant individuals with adoptive parents.

Identified Adoption

Counseling and placement support for birth parents and adoptive families who have been matched prior to coming to Lutheran Family Services

Foster Care Adoption

Finding permanent homes for children in need.

LFS is Nebraska’s sole grantee of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This identifies us as one of the most effective foster care adoption services in the state.

International Adoption

Providing home study reports and post-placement supervision for families working with international adoption agencies.

Contractual Home Study

Home study services and post-placement supervision for families working with adoption attorneys or out-of-state agencies

Training for Adoption Competency

The Training for Adoption Competency (TAC) program is an accredited post-master’s curriculum designed to enhance and mental health professional’s clinical focus in working with adopted children, youth, and their families.

Curriculum details here

Contact Stacy Varouh for more information.


Considering Placing Your Child for Adoption?

If you are thinking about placing your child for adoption, please call Pregnancy Counseling.

Related Services

Pregnancy Counseling

Confidential counseling for unexpected pregnancies, open adoptions, and parenting support.

Foster Care

Finding safe, supportive homes for children in need.

Adoption Search

Helping birth parents, adoptees, and families reconnect after an adoption