Pregnancy Counseling

Confidential counseling for unexpected pregnancies, open adoptions, and parenting support.

An unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful. You may feel scared, alone or confused. LFS has experienced counselors who will help you explore options  without pressure or judgment.

Confidential counseling services are offered for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Through counseling, clients will receive education about their options, including but not limited to, parenting and adoption. Counselors support clients in their decision and help provide needed resources. These counselors are available at no cost to the client throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

Available Services

  • We support parents in discovering their own strengths and help them identify resources to meet their challenges.

    If you choose to parent your child, our staff will connect you with services to ensure a healthy pregnancy and help you prepare for parenthood. LFS pregnancy and parenting staff ensure all mothers and fathers have the services needed to raise healthy children in healthy families

  • Choosing an adoption plan for your child is a very delicate consideration. We will provide a very clear picture of what you should expect if you choose adoption.

    In choosing adoption, you will be in control of the process as we provide the support and information you need to move forward confidentially. Individuals and couples hoping to build their family through adoption are supported by LFS and complete a thorough assessment. Just as we will work to build a strong relationship with you, our staff spends time building relationships with prospective adoptive parents. We believe this provides the best stability for you, your child, and the potential adoptive family.

    Choosing a family to parent your child is an immensely important decision and we are here to support you through this process.

  • Open Adoption means different things to different families. Each birth parent and family chooses what is right for them. There are many benefits to openness in adoption- for your child, for you, and for the adoptive parents. Ongoing connections between you and the adoptive parents, either through LFS or directly, can be especially beneficial for your child.

    Our staff can help answer any questions you may have about how open adoption has truly been a positive experience for many families we have worked with over the years.