Targeted Adult Service Coordination (TASC) focuses on improved self-sufficiency for those at risk of entering Emergency Protective Custody.

Targeted Adult Service Coordination (TASC) is a non-fee service program consisting of several levels of services for those entering Emergency Protective Custody or are at high risk of entering Emergency Protective Custody.

These services support both the Emergency and Community Support Levels of Care, and occur through the provision of specialized case management/service coordinating services and a 24-hour crisis response component.

TASC provides goal-oriented individualized supports focusing on improved self-sufficiency, and may provide occasional supportive counseling and crisis intervention services when allowed by regulatory or funding authorities.

TASC is a collaboration of Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Blue Valley Behavioral Health Centers and House of Hope. Funding for TASC is provided by Region V for services to 16 Nebraska counties in the Region V catchment areas.

Available Services

  • Licensed mental health practitioners provide crisis intervention services and mental health triage assessment 24/7 when requested by law enforcement agencies.

  • Provides individualized care coordination and short-term support for those who have recently experienced a crisis. Support includes bilingual/bicultural service coordination to help individuals whose language and/or culture creates a barrier to accessing needed mental health and substance use disorder services.

  • Provides client-centered services for “high utilizers” of behavioral health services to avoid high costs of continuous care, reduce resources spent, and decrease morbidity and mortality.


    This is program is only available in Lancaster County, Nebraska.