Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Supporting those struggling with addiction by building healthy esteem and lifestyles.

LFS offers outpatient assessments, referrals, intensive outpatient treatment and family support education. Through these interventions, the user learns their issues are not unique and can be addressed. Family and loved ones are also taught coping skills to assist them in supporting the user build a healthier lifestyle.

Available Services

  • Provides professionally directed evaluation, treatment and recovery services for individuals experiencing a substance use disorder. Nine hours per week of treatment services are provided in group or individual sessions or a combination of both, depending on an individual’s needs. Treatment typically lasts 12 weeks.

  • A group-focused, non-residential program for adults 19 and older. IOP is more in-depth than traditional outpatient treatment services, offering a minimum of 10 hours of treatment per week. IOP typically lasts six to eight weeks.

    Intensive groups meet for three-hour sessions, three days a week. Each participant must also attend at least one additional individual or family session each week. Services are available days and evenings.

  • Specialized assessments used to clinically determine possible substance use issues, with recommendations for an appropriate level of care if determined to be medically necessary.

If you or a person you care about are struggling with substance use, reach out today.