The Fatherhood Initiative

Guiding non-custodial fathers as they work to re-engage with their children and families.

What is the Fatherhood Initiative?

Studies show children with fathers who are engaged in their lives have more positive life experiences. They develop healthy relationships and are less likely to have emotional or physical problems, perform better academically and subsequently in their jobs and careers.

The Fatherhood Initiative Project strives to re-engage fathers with their children and support the whole family in their efforts to overcome struggles and improve their lives.

  • To be eligible, an individual must be:

    • A non-custodial father wanting to engage or reengage with his children
    • Be below the 200% federal poverty level
    • Unemployed or underemployed

    Send all referrals to

  • The Fatherhood Initiative provides a wide variety of services to support fathers:

    • Individualized services & case management
    • Father-led SMART goals
    • Financial literacy and planning
    • “Children In Between” co-parenting
    • Father-Child relationship support & education
    • Employment readiness & career planning
    • Referrals to other services & support
    • Trauma-Informed approach
    • Nurturing Fathers Class
    • Legal Services for family stability and public benefit applications/denials.
  • Click here to download our Fatherhood Initiative flier.

    Click here to download the Fatherhood Initiative Referral Form.

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This program is funded by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.