Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska was founded in 1892 when the organization began serving orphans in Fremont and Omaha. LFS continues to support the well being of all children met through a wide variety of comprehensive programs.

For our Children’s Mental Health Services, visit our Behavioral Health page.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Centers for Healthy Families

Promoting healthy families through parent education, child support, and early detection and intervention.


Providing children and their caregivers with the resources and support they need.

RSafe® Sexual Abuse Treatment

Support for families and children impacted by sexual abuse.

The Fatherhood Initiative

Guiding non-custodial fathers as they work to re-engage with their children and families.

Permanency and Well-Being

Adoption Services

Building families and permanent homes.

Adoption Search

Reconnecting parents and children who have gone through the adoption process, supporting them through outreach and therapy services.

Foster Care

Finding safe, supportive homes for children in need.

In-Home Services

Providing parents and children with social support and education to grow together in a safe environment.

Pregnancy Counseling

Confidential counseling for unexpected pregnancies, open adoptions, and parenting support.