Senior Care Services

Growing older can uncover unexpected mental health conditions. Coping with the changes that come with aging can be a challenge. It’s not uncommon for those over 60 to experience isolation, affective and anxiety disorders, depression, or even more critical diagnoses after losing a partner or dealing with failing physical health.

The Senior Care Program provides a professional check-in for residents in local assisted living facilities. Our compassionate therapists work directly with clients and staff to connect, build relationships, and identify those who might benefit from more formal therapy. Senior Care includes:


  • Check-Ins
  • Individual Therapy
  • Therapy Groups
  • Staff Trainings
  • Staff Consultations


This program also aligns with the LFS Military Peer Support Program and provides specific assistance to military veterans related to their service. This includes getting discharge paperwork, a wheelchair, or visiting the Omaha National Cemetery. Designated grants and Medicaid cover the costs of these services.

Currently the Senior Care program is offered at Immanuel Trinity Courtyard in Papillion and Immanuel Courtyard in Omaha.

Reach out to Elaine Blickenstaff at if you have any questions regarding our Senior Care Services.