Integrated Health Home

Coordinated care for every individual

What is Integrated Health Home (IHH)?

Integrated Health Home (IHH) provides care coordination for individuals who need support for mental and physical health and have an understanding that each is related and often non-included in a health action plan.

We provide holistic care to support and advocate for clients and families. 

How does IHH work?

We are here to help and support our clients and minimize the frustration experienced when multiple healthcare needs exist. Our mission is to fill those gaps and become your single point of contact to advocate for you. This is a patient-centered coordinated care program, and we will work to support your physical and mental health needs.

We exist as a partner with your health insurance provider, and our program will ease the burden of your health concerns.


When you choose to join the IHH program, you will be paired with a care coordinator and case manager. Your care coordinator will be your single point of contact, making communication seamless in supporting you throughout your healthcare journey.

Your initial visit with your care coordinator and team-based approach is an opportunity to voice your concerns and the beginning of your tailored health goals and needs. We want to listen and work together to determine an action plan created for you and with you.


You are way more to us than a diagnosis, medicine, or appointment. You are a person who deserves support, and this is the way to deliver it.

Together, we can make a healthier future.

How can IHH help me?

We can help by providing you with:

Care Coordination

Nurse Case Management

Individual and Family Support

Health Promotion and Coaching

Transitional Care for in-patient hospital stays or ER visits

Community and Social Support Services

How can I join IHH?

To participate, you must be an active Medicaid health plan subscriber through United Health Care. If you have been contacted by a member of our team, you have already been recommended for this program by your insurance company.

If you would like more information on this program or are currently interested in participating, please contact our care team using the contact information listed above.