Dana Village

A Destination of Hope and Community for Young Adults Aging out of Foster Care

What is Dana Village?

Imagine permanently erasing the uncertainty facing Nebraska and Iowa’s young people who age out of foster care. Rather than dealing with a premature adulthood with zero support and tremendous risk, they instead walk onto a beautiful campus full of support, healing, and opportunity.

This is Dana Village.

A safe home. Opportunities for training and jobs. Therapy if needed, and a supportive community nearby. A future full of hope.

From Angel Share to Lutheran Family Services

Launched on the 140-year-old Dana College campus in 2021, the Angel Share project has already proven wildly successful with its current tenants – all of whom have aged out of the foster care system and are working and paying their own rent.

Lutheran Family Services (LFS) is moving the campus to the next level.

With the strength of its 131 years of experience, LFS provides stability and sustainability that ends years of uncertainty for the once-thriving campus. In early 2024, LFS will open 61 more apartment units on site.

Dana Village

“We anticipate this could set standards for both foster care and campus renovation that could be replicated nationally,” says Chris Tonniges, LFS President and CEO. “The possibilities are endless, and the time to invest and get involved is now. You can be part of change impacting generations now and always.”

The Future of Dana Village

The campus is now “Dana Village,” a nod to the rich campus legacy, plus a vision of what the campus will become – a community village filled with opportunity, growth, and innovation.

LFS plans include expansion of the current offerings for youth aging out of foster care, plus reactivation of the property with input from the city, community, alums and other partners.

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To learn more about ways to get involved, contact Ed Shada (402) 630-5664, ed.shada@oneLFS.org, or info@oneLFS.org. 

To join our Dana Village mailing list or just to ask questions, email dana@oneLFS.org.