Economic Empowerment

Helping refugees identify goals, recognize skills, and connect with education and employment opportunities.

What is Economic Empowerment?

The Economic Empowerment program provides employment support services to help refugees identify goals, recognize their skills, and connected with appropriate education and employment opportunities.

Whether attending English Language Training (ELT) classes, getting assistance from an employment specialist to apply for jobs, or receiving help to enroll in vocational program or community college, clients receive the necessary support to progress towards their long-term career prospects.

Available Services

  • Develop a career plan for both long and short-term goals with trained professionals

  • Direct connections with local employers, preparation, scheduling and accompanying for job interviews and job fairs

  • Classes are offered in partnership with Omaha Public Schools and others organizations to help immigrants, refugees and asylees become effective English speakers.

  • The Individual Development Account Program (IDA Program) builds personal finance skills, including budgeting, savings strategies, and planning to meet financial goals. The amount of approved savings is matched by Lutheran Family Services.


    To learn more about how the IDA program works, contact Naveed Shinwari, or call 402-874-2637.  Click here to apply:  Application for IDA