01.11.22 | Adoption

NOTE: With Rally 4 Kids less than 2 months away, we will be sharing stories and important information about the #safetyhopewellbeing of children and families in our communities. In this first installment,  we introduce you to our unique and highly regarded RSafe® program. 

By Katie Good, M.S., LIMHP, NCC – RSafe Clinical Supervisor 

Katie Good

Lutheran Family Services’ RSafe® program provides clinical and educational services to children and families impacted by sexual abuse. The services include children and youth who have been sexually abused and those with problematic sexual behaviors. RSafe is committed to spreading awareness, educating the community, and decreasing the stigma surrounding sexual abuse. Over the next three weeks, we will focus on bringing you information specific to working with children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors. To begin this series, we want to introduce you to the RSafe® program at Lutheran Family Services.

For the past 35 years, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) has been dedicated to building effective mental health services for families impacted by child sexual abuse. A leader in the field, Metropolitan Child Advocacy Coalition (formerly the Metropolitan Child Abuse Coalition), sought to influence more effective care for these families. Lutheran Family Services rose to this challenge, and the RSafe® Program was created. This specialized program provides outpatient treatment for the family, including those who were harmed, their siblings, the non-offending caregivers, and children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors.

RSafe® stands for reparation and safety, both of which are the program’s goals. RSafe® is committed to helping repair the damage to a family that has experienced sexual abuse and problematic sexual behaviors. For children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors, we provide the opportunity for the child or youth to take accountability for their actions and make reparations with those they harmed while promoting both emotional and physical safety for the whole family.

Stay tuned for the remaining columns, where we will discuss myths, misconceptions, and language regarding children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors and evidenced-based treatments and treatment outcomes for children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors.

To contact any of our RSafe® experts and therapists, please call (402) 595-1338, or visit https://www.lfsneb.org/service/sexual-abuse/

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